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Tall Fescue Seeding
Core Aeration Tall Fescue
Aeration Seeding Atlanta
Top Dressing Compost
Fescue Top Dressing
Seeding Fescue Atlanta
  • Aeration & Seeding for Tall Fescue
    Turf can revitalize your lawn
    following the typical stresses of a
    Georgia Summer.
  • Tall Fescue Turf differs from Warm
    Season Grasses in that it does not
    produce rhizomes or stolons, and
    cannot correct problems with poor
    turf density.
  • The 1st key is cores per foot²

  • For areas that are particularly thin
    we use a criss-cross pattern or
    overlap to maximize the number of
    cores per foot²
  • Don't Plant Next Year's Problem!

  • Lower quality Seed Varieties may
    contain problematic weed varieties,
    such as Annual Bluegrass or
    Goosegrass, which are dfficult to get
    rid of.
  • Top-dressing with Compost is a
    method of correcting a number of
    problems in the soil.
  • We recommend compost for areas that
    struggle with compaction.
  • Poor nutrient exchange, which can
    be identified through a soil test for
    Cation Exchange Capacity can be
    dramatically improved with top-
  • Incorporating the Top-dressing into
    the seeding process is ideal.

  • The beneficial micro-organisms can
    multiply quickly and remain in the
    soil for years when the lawn is
    properly maintained.
  • Be Careful in choosing what to top-
    dress with!

  • Much like inferior seed, the wrong
    product used in top-dressing can
    introduce a number of weeds, such as
    Nutsedge or Crabgrass.